Iseowo was created for artisans and business owners, to afford them the opportunity of incorporating the technology of today’s world into their businesses. We have included below various ways we assist artisans beyond listing their businesses. Artisan aid is our way of assisting artisans and business owners to boost their business online presence.


Business Listings

to assist artisans, business owners who do not themselves make use of internet, list their businesses on Iseowo for FREE. It affords business owners the opportunity to have their businesses visible online, where customers can find them and get in touch with them offline!

By providing the following details, we would create business listings for the artisan business(es).

Business Category
Business Name
Business Owner’s Name
Business Features
Full Address
Phone /WhatsApp Number
Business Hours
Email (optional)


You can reach us using any of the following media…

Whatsapp = +2348134961461


Please note:

  1. This feature only applies to SERVICES and PRODUCTIONS  set of Categories.
  2. Do not share any information you do not want with a third party with us! You own your business information and can request a profile deletion at any point in time.
  3. Ensure to go through our Privacy Policy for what we do with the business information as well as our Terms and Conditions for how we do business on this site.


Professional Services

Coming soon…



Contact Us

If you have any questions or wish to support us, please contact us.