The Iseowo Team came up with Artisan aid to assist artisans list their businesses on Iseowo for FREE.

By providing the following details, the Team would, using the provided information, create business listings for the artisan business(es).

Business Super-category (Services / Productions)
Business Category
Business Name
Business Description (Briefly tell us what you do, your products and/or services)
Full Address
Phone Number
WhatsApp Number
Business Hours
Email (optional)


You can reach the Iseowo team via a DIRECT MESSAGE on any of the following media…

Whatsapp = +2348134961461
 SMS = +2348134961461

Please note:

This feature only applies to SERVICES and PRODUCTIONS super-categories.

Your business information we require, listed above, is what we need to list your business. Do not share any information you do not want with a third party with us! You own your business information and can choose to request a deletion at any point in time.

Ensure to go through our Privacy Policy for what we do with the business information as well as our Terms and Conditions for how we do business on this site.


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