Art and Entertainment  

(businesses involved with works of art)

  1. Artists Drawings, Graffiti, Murals, Paintings, Portrait drawing, Street art
  2. Graphics designers Brochure design, Business cards design, Cloth design, Flyers design, Infographics, Letterhead design, Logo design, Magazine design, Posters design, Product packaging.
  3. Make-up artists Anti-aging makeup, Body and face makeup, Bridal makeup, Celebrity makeup, Editorial makeup, Fashion makeup, Party makeup, Regular/natural makeup, Specialized services, Television makeup, Theatre makeup
  4. Photographer Family photography, Fashion photography, Fine art photography, Modelling photography, Nature photography, Portrait photography, Product photography, Sports photography, Travel photography, Wildlife photography.
  5. Videographers Advertisement videos, Animation videos, Documentary videos, Educational videos, Entertainment videos, Event coverage, Informational videos, Music videos, Promotional videos, Television videos/newscast, Travel videos.
  6. Web and Application designers Android applications, iOS applications, Website design.



(businesses involved with food)

  1. Baking and Confectionery Bread, Cakes, Cookies, Doughnut, Egg roll, Fish pie, Meat pie , Wedding cakes. 
  2. Cooked FoodLocal food, Fast food.
  3. Food ItemsBeans, Cassava, Garri, Maize, Onions, Palm oil, Pepper, Pepper grinding, Potatoes, Rice, Soybeans,  Vegetable oil, Wheat, Yam.
  4. Frozen FoodsFrozen beef, Frozen chicken, Frozen fish, Frozen vegetables.
  5. Fruits Apples, Bananas, Cabbage, Cucumbers, Fruit salad, Fruit juice, Oranges, Smoothies, Watermelons.
  6. Pepper soup Beef soup, Chicken soup, Fish soup, Goat meat soup.
  7. Poultry and LivestockBeef, Chicken eggs, Cow milk, Goose eggs, Live Cattle, Live Chicken, Live Goose, Live Pig, Live Quail, Live Turkey, Pork, Quail eggs, Turkey eggs.
  8. ShawarmaBeef shawarma, Chicken shawarma, Vegetarian shawarma
  9. Snacks Doughnut, Egg roll, Fish pie, Meat pie, Peanut, Puff puff, Small chops
  10. SuyaBeef suya, Chicken suya



(businesses with physical products)

  1. Aluminum and GlassAluminum door, Aluminum window, Corrugated roofing panels, Glass doors, Glass windows.
  2. Building and ConstructionCabinets, Doors, Flooring, Furniture, Railings, Roofing sheets, Slabs, Tiles, Wardrobe, Windows.
  3. Cooking GasCooking gas refill, Gas cylinder accessories, Gas cylinder repair, Gas cylinder sale, Gas cylinder servicing
  4. Fashion designers Adult female dresses, Adult male dresses, Children dresses, Cloth repair, English dresses, Formal dresses, Native dresses.
  5. Hair stylistsBraiding, Bridal hair, Fixing, Hair products, Touching and setting, Wig making
  6. Potters Earthenwares, Porcelain, Stonewares
  7. Printers Digital printing, Flexography, Gravure printing, Letterpress printing, Offset printing, Screen printing, Stamps.
  8. Shoe makersBrogue, Loafers, Monk strap, Shoe repair
  9. Spare parts Car parts, Electrical appliance parts, Generator parts, Mechanical equipment parts, Motorcycle parts
  10. Tie and dye



(businesses that render services)

  1. Automobile Brake and transmission, Car repair, Mechanics, Panel beaters, Rewires.
  2. Barbers Hair dye, Lounge
  3. Bricklayers Brick sales.
  4. Car wash – Car servicingCar repair
  5. Carpenters Cabinetry, Framing, Furniture making.
  6. Cleaners Moving in & out, Post-construction.
  7. Dry cleaners Ironing, Starching, Washing.
  8. Electricians
  9. Painters Exterior, Interior, Machinery painting.
  10. Plumbers Drain cleaning, Remodeling.
  11. Rental ServicesCanopies
  12. Repairers Air Conditioner repair, Generator repair, Laptop repair, Motorcycle repair, Phones repair.
  13. Vulcanizers Tubed tyre repair, Tubeless neck sale, Tubeless tyres repair, Tyre gauging, Tyre sales.



(Local businesses not considered artisan)

  1. Beauty accessoriesPerfume.
  2. Bookshops Academic books, Motivational books, Religious books, Stationery.
  3. Boutique Adult female dresses, Adult female shoes, Adult female under wares, Adult male dresses, Adult male shoes , Adult male under wares, Belt, Children dresses, Children shoes, Children under wares, English dresses, Formal dresses, Jewellery, Native dresses.
  4. Computer and Gadget StoreLaptop accessories, Laptops, Laptop repair, Phones accessories, Phones, Phone repair.
  5. Event planners –  Anniversaries, Birthdays, Conferences, Dinners, Launching, Seminars, Shows, Symposia, Trade shows, Training, Weddings.
  6. General BusinessesBatteries, Extension boxes, Hair brush, Highlighter, Knives, Markers, Office file, Office pins/Thumb tacks, Scissors, Stationery.
  7. Master of ceremony Anniversaries, Birthdays, Conferences, Dinners, Launching, Seminars, Shows, Symposia, Trade shows, Training, Weddings. Product launch.
  8. Musicians Afrobeat, Apala, Fuji, Gospel, Juju, Live Music.
  9. Provisions storeAlcoholic beverages, Baking, Biscuits, Cigarettes and tobacco, Confectioneries, Cosmetics, Decorations, Detergent, Flowers, Food stuff, Greeting cards, Juice, Laundry products, Soaps, Soft drinks, Toys, Wine.
  10. Restaurants Casual dining, Fast casual, Fast food, Fine dining, Foreign food, Local food.


Listing Additional Information

  1. Business unique feature – special details about the business.
  2. Delivery Range – No delivery, Home/Office, Our City, Our State, Nationwide
  3. Payment method – Cash, Cash & Bank Transfer, Cash & Bank Transfer & Cheque, Cash & Bank Transfer & Cheque & POS.
  4. Sales method – Wholesale, Retail, Wholesale and retail.



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