Business owners, and Customers alike, benefit from listing reviews.


Potential consumers read and trust previous customers reviews


Potential customers read up to 10 recent customer reviews of local businesses before reaching out.


Users gain confidence in, and buy from, businesses with good reviews

What makes a good review?

1. Mentions specific product or service.

2. Includes service provider’s name.

3. Highlights specific services enjoyed.

4. Include pictures of product or service.

5. Has a reply from the business owner.


Business owners

A satisfied customer's review is the best form of advertisement.

Many people everyday look online for services, products, and businesses like yours, show them why they should choose you!

Gain trust of customers and potential customers with proper handling of reviews. Customers trust other customers, treat them well and get referrals in the process.


Review local businesses, your opinion will help others decide!

Read previous customers reviews before contacting business owners for a product/service.

Share your opinion on the product or service you received from businesses, help other consumers find the best businesses.