My business category is not included, what do I do?

Firstly, suggest the business for The Iseowo Team to include on the platform. Pending the inclusion, you can list your business using the “others” category specific for your business.

Foe example, if your business falls under the PRODUCTIONS supercategory, list your business under the Others (Productions) category in the meantime.

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Can I register my business free?

Yes, you can register for free!

We have a free plan that caters for basic business needs…your location, contact details, etc

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Can I register a business that isn’t mine?

Yes, you can register a business that is not yours!

All you need to do is to add the listing and not claim it, since it isn’t your business. You can however contact the business owner to claim the listing. Registration without Claim is FREE!

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Why do I have to pay to claim my Business?

The “Claimed” Icon affixed to claimed listings is our seal of trust, our recommendation to our users of the existence and seriousness of your business. It is how we know your business exists…we do not expect anyone to have a financial commitment to claim a business that doesn’t exist!

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What is the difference between the Services and Productions categories?

Categories help group artisan business. They are for order!

The “Productions” category contain artisan businesses with a purchasable good(s) while the “Services” category on the other hand contain artisan business without a purchasable good/product.

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