Why should I list my business on Iseowo ?

Iseowo is an online directory for local businesses (artisan and non-artisan businesses). The website is designed to increase the online presence of artisan businesses with the use of business listing Features specific for each local business category. We do this and as well ease Customer interaction with business owners. You can check out this article on How online directories benefit local businesses.
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Can I create by business listing FREE?

Yes, you can list your business free of charge!

We have a FREE plan that caters for ALL basic business needs. You get more free features by Claiming your business listing.

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How do I create my Business Listing?

We have made the process very simple. Follow this step-by-step guide on how to Add your business listing.

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What are business listing Categories?

Iseowo is designed to display distinct Features specific for the varied artisan businesses there are. We have categorized local businesses into Four (4) main categories, this is to personalize our service delivery and ease our Users’ use of the directory. The website is configured to optimize local businesses for Search Engines (SEO). This helps artisans to properly create their business listings and showcase their distinct features. The main Categories include:
SERVICES – businesses that render services, usually those without a purchasable good/product.
PRODUCTIONS – businesses that sell goods or those with purchasable product.
FOOD – businesses that deal with edibles or food items.
ART AND ENTERTAINMENT – businesses involved with works of art.
Businesses that do not fall under the above main categories are listed under the Non-Artisan Category.
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My business category is not included, what do I do?

We frequently update our Catalogue of local business categories and their respective features.

If your business is not included currently, please create your business listing in the interim under the OTHERS category specific for your business e.g. Other Foods for businesses that deal in food/edible items. Use Other Services, Other Productions or Other Art & Entertainment for businesses involved with rendition of services, purchasable products or those involved with works of Art respectively.

You can thereafter suggest your business category for us to include in the catalogue.

If your business does not fall into any of the categories above, please list your business under the Non-artisan category!


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Why and how do I claim my Business listing?

The process to claim your listing is our way to verify and ensure your business exists and is functional. After the verification process, your listing gets a Claimed badge, our seal of trust to our users and also to your customers. Follow this step-by-step guide to Claim your Listing.

Please note that you need at least three (3) Reviews on your business listing to qualify for Claimed Listing!

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