Find out below, step-by-step submission of a business listing on Iseowo. Accompanying images give more pictorial details. Depending on your choice of subscription plan, you may or may not see some of the features listed below. We keep updating Iseowo and more features are on the way. Let get you started…

Page 1

Getting started

Click on Add Listing

Page 2

Choosing a listing plan

Choose your listing plan and click on continue.

Page 3

Filling the listing submission form

If your business is on Google My Business, make use of Fill-O-Bot! (This automatically fills in business details already on Google places into the listing submission page). If you do not have Google My Business, do not make use of Fill-O-Bot! If you have Google My Business, Click turn me on and ensure to crosscheck the correctness of the details supplied.)  

Search your business name in the Listing Title field then fill other fields not automatically filled by Fill-O-Bot!


Fill your business listing title e.g. Iseowo Carpentry Works


Fill your business tagline/motto e.g. Everything Wood Works


Fill your location (then choose the most appropriate among the suggestions) e.g. Ibadan, Nigeria


Fill your full address : you can use any of 3 ways to input your full address.

  • Search by Google (default): start typing and select your google map location from google suggestions. This is for the map and also for locating your business.


  • Manual coordinates: input manually the latitude and longitude of your business full address.


  • Drop pin: clicking this option opens up a lightbox where you can drag the location around and drop it on your business location.


Fill your phone number


Fill your WhatsApp number


Fill your website URL


Fill/Add your business hours


Choose your business category: the specific artisan category(s) you belong to e.g. Carpenter.


Select your Listing features (tick as appropriate for your business) and additional business info (tick as appropriate for your business)


Choose your price estimate


Fill your Price range


Fill your add description field: ensure you include all your business is all about. Make use of the Text Editor features, make bold important words and italicize accordingly.


Fill FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for your business. Give answers to questions your customers often ask you. You can add as many as you want.


Fill links to your business social media profiles: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram. Fill the fields if you have profiles on the respective platforms.


Fill your tags or keywords (comma separated): Keywords or tags will help your listing to be found in search results, separate the keywords or tags with a comma. The list of keywords or tags should be related to your business, each of your products and/or services you render can be a tag! Check here for sample tags


Fill the your business video (optional) field: if you have a business video, upload it to a video sharing platform e.g. YouTube and fill in the link to the video.


Upload images about your business: maximum of 4 images, not more than 4MB.


Upload your featured image: this is the first image of your business that users will see in search results. You are advised not to use your business Logo but any Image that depicts activities of your business.


Upload business logo


If you do not have a profile, the next fields will require you to create one. Enter your email and preferred username then, agree to our Terms.

Click save & preview to view how your business listing would be displays after you complete the submission process.

Page 4

Previewing your listing before submission for review

Page 5

Pay and Publish your listing

Click Pay and publish to submit or pay.


You can now go back to dashboard while we process your business listing. You will be informed via email when the listing is approved.

Contact us if you have any questions.