Iseowo is the best online directory to find local business products and services. People on Iseowo are either Users (…those in search for local businesses) or Business owners (…those who run a local business.) Find below how to make the best use of this platform.



User Dashboard

This include the following:

  1. My profile – view your profile details.
  2. Saved – view all your saved/favorite businesses.
  3. Reviews – view all your submitted and received reviews.

Action Plan

  1. Create a profile or login to your profile (if you already have one)
  2. Update or complete your personal profile setup.
  3. Search for the local businesses you are looking for.
  4. Save your favorite businesses for future easy accessibility.
  5. Review local businesses.
  6. Suggest business features and categories you need that are not yet in our catalogue.
  7. Read the blog posts
  8. Checkout ARTISAN AID. Assist local businesses around you to create their business listings..
  9. Follow us on social media.



Business Owner

Business owner Dashboard

The dashboard contains your Listing Analytics : User views, Customer Leads, Customer Reviews and Ratings, Recent activities, etc. Others include:

  1. Announcements – inform users about update about your business.
  2. Events – make awareness about an event(s) your business is involved with.
  3. Coupons – Give Customers coupons for your products and services.
  4. Menu – create menu of products (an essential feature, especially for the FOOD Category)
  5. Listings – manage your business listing(s)
  6. Inbox – view Customer/User messages sent via the Custom Contact Form.
  7. Invoices – view invoices of your listing(s) on Iseowo.
  8. Saved – view all your saved/favorite businesses.
  9. Ad Campaigns – Advertise your business listings, increase awareness about your business.
  10. Reviews – view all your submitted and received reviews.

Action Plan

  1. Create a profile or login to your profile (if you already have one)
  2. Create your business listing(s). Need help? Use this Guide.
  3. Claim your business listing(s)
  4. Complete or update your personal profile.
  5. Checkout our features catalogue for features updates.
  6. Suggest your business features we have not yet included.
  7. Checkout the frequently asked questions
  8. Learn from the blog posts.
  9. Follow us on social media.
  10. Notify us of your Business Association for bulk listing of her members.


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