Art and Entertainment
(businesses involved with works of art)

Artists – Drawings, Graffiti, Murals, Paintings, Portrait drawing, Street art
Graphics designers – Brochure design, Business cards design, Cloth design, Flyers design, Infographics, Letterhead design, Logo design, Magazine design, Posters design, Product packaging.
Make-up artists – Anti-aging makeup, Body and face makeup, Bridal makeup, Celebrity makeup, Editorial makeup, Fashion makeup, Party makeup, Regular/natural makeup, Specialized services, Television makeup, Theatre makeup.
Photographer – Family photography, Fashion photography, Fine art photography, Modelling photography, Nature photography, Portrait photography, Product photography, Sports photography, Travel photography, Wildlife photography.
Videographers – Advertisement videos, Animation videos, Documentary videos, Educational videos, Entertainment videos, Event coverage, Informational videos, Music videos, Promotional videos, Television videos/newscast, Travel videos.
Web and Application designers – Android applications, iOS applications, Website design.

(businesses involved with food)

Baking and Confectionery – Bread, Cakes, Cookies, Doughnut, Egg roll, Fish pie, Meat pie , Wedding cakes.
Cooked Food – Local food, Fast food.
Food Items – Beans, Cassava, Garri, Maize, Onions, Palm oil, Pepper, Pepper grinding, Potatoes, Rice, Soybeans,  Vegetable oil, Wheat, Yam.
Frozen Foods – Frozen beef, Frozen chicken, Frozen fish, Frozen vegetables.
Fruits – Apples, Bananas, Cabbage, Cucumbers, Fruit salad, Fruit juice, Oranges, Smoothies, Watermelons.
Pepper soup – Beef soup, Chicken soup, Fish soup, Goat meat soup.
Poultry and Livestock – Beef, Chicken eggs, Cow milk, Goose eggs, Live Cattle, Live Chicken, Live Goose, Live Pig, Live Quail, Live Turkey, Pork, Quail eggs, Turkey eggs.
Shawarma – Beef shawarma, Chicken shawarma, Vegetarian shawarma
Snacks –Doughnut, Egg roll, Fish pie, Meat pie, Peanut, Puff puff, Small chops
Suya – Beef suya, Chicken suya

(businesses with physical products)

Aluminum and Glass – Aluminum door, Aluminum window, Corrugated roofing panels, Glass doors, Glass windows.
Building and Construction – Cabinets, Doors, Flooring, Furniture, Railings, Roofing sheets, Slabs, Tiles, Wardrobe, Windows.
Cooking Gas – Cooking gas refill, Gas cylinder accessories, Gas cylinder repair, Gas cylinder sale, Gas cylinder servicing
Fashion designers  – Adult female dresses, Adult male dresses, Children dresses, Cloth repair, English dresses, Formal dresses, Native dresses.
Hair stylists –Braiding, Bridal hair, Fixing, Hair products, Touching and setting, Wig making
Potters – Earthenwares, Porcelain, Stonewares
Printers – Digital printing, Flexography, Gravure printing, Letterpress printing, Offset printing, Screen printing, Stamps.
Shoe makers – Brogue, Loafers, Monk strap, Shoe repair
Spare parts – Car parts, Electrical appliance parts, Generator parts, Mechanical equipment parts, Motorcycle parts
Tie and dye

(businesses that render services)

Automobile –Brake and transmission, Car repair, Mechanics, Panel beaters, Rewires.
Mechanics – Car repair
Panel beaters – Car repair
Rewires– Car repair
Barbers –Hair dye, Lounge
Bricklayers – Brick sales.
Car wash – Car servicing, Car repair
Carpenters – Cabinetry, Framing, Furniture making.
Cleaners – Moving in & out, Post-construction.
Dry cleaners – Ironing, Starching, Washing.
Painters – Exterior, Interior, Machinery painting.
Plumbers – Drain cleaning, Remodeling.
Rental Services – Canopies
Repairers – Air Conditioner repair, Generator repair, Laptop repair, Motorcycle repair, Phones repair.
Vulcanizers – Tubed tyre repair, Tubeless neck sale, Tubeless tyres repair, Tyre gauging, Tyre sales.

(Local businesses not considered artisan)

Beauty accessories – Perfume.
Bookshops – Academic books, Motivational books, Religious books, Stationery.
Boutique – Adult female dresses, Adult female shoes, Adult female under wares, Adult male dresses, Adult male shoes , Adult male under wares, Belt, Children dresses, Children shoes, Children under wares, English dresses, Formal dresses, Jewellery, Native dresses.
Computer and Gadget Store – Laptop accessories, Laptops, Laptop repair, Phones accessories, Phones, Phone repair.
Event planners –  Anniversaries, Birthdays, Conferences, Dinners, Launching, Seminars, Shows, Symposia, Trade shows, Training, Weddings.
General Businesses – Batteries, Extension boxes, Hair brush, Highlighter, Knives, Markers, Office file, Office pins/Thumb tacks, Scissors, Stationery.
Master of ceremony – Anniversaries, Birthdays, Conferences, Dinners, Launching, Seminars, Shows, Symposia, Trade shows, Training, Weddings. Product launch.
Musicians – Afrobeat, Apala, Fuji, Gospel, Juju, Live Music.
Provisions store – Alcoholic beverages, Baking, Biscuits, Cigarettes and tobacco, Confectioneries, Cosmetics, Decorations, Detergent, Flowers, Food stuff, Greeting cards, Juice, Laundry products, Soaps, Soft drinks, Toys, Wine.
Restaurants – Casual dining, Fast casual, Fast food, Fine dining, Foreign food, Local food.