Promote Listing

Ad campaign allows listing owners to generate more leads and promote their business listings. Follow the steps below to create Ad Campaigns for your business listing.

Page 1

Go to Your Dashboard > Ads Campaign




You will get a Pop-up showing the three available Ad Options:

  1. Spotlight Ads: Ad Campaign on the Homepage
  2. Side of Listing Ads: Ad Campaign on Sidebar of Listings and Pages
  3. Top of Search Ads: Ad Campaign on top of Search Results




Page 2

Create Ad Campaign

  1. Search and Select your Listing
  2. Choose your Placement
  3. Set the Duration and choose Bank Transfer (Payment Method)
  4. Click PAY NOW

Please note, if any of the above is not selected, Pay Now button will remain inactive!


Page 3

Payment Checkout

You will be issued an invoice. Note the details on the Invoice as you will be required to send them to us to validate your payment!!


Follow the Payment Instructions to complete the Ad Campaign Process. Business owners must review the Ad summary carefully before processing the payments.




Please Contact Us.