Ad campaigns help listing owners generate more leads to their businesses and promote their business listings. There are 3 types of listing ad campaigns:


Spotlight Ads: Your listing ad campaign would show up on Iseowo homepage.

Top of Search Results Ads: Your listing ad campaign would show on top of Search Results.

Sidebar Ads: Your listing ad campaign on the sidebar of listing pages.

Follow the steps below to create Ad Campaigns for your business listing.

1. Go to Your Dashboard > Ads Campaign


2. Click “ADD NEW AD”


3. You will get a Pop-up showing the ad options, click “LET’S GET STARTED”.


4. Create Ad Campaign

  1. Search and Select your Listing
  2. Choose your Placement
  3. Set the Duration and choose a Payment Method
  4. Click PAY NOW.


Please note, if any of the above is not selected, Pay Now button will remain inactive!

Contact us if you have any questions.