The following listings are virtual, they were created for Artisans and business owners to compare with their own business listings, appreciate the creative ways of making use of the features and apply to their business listing. This is to assist artisans in fully maximizing the features available on Iseowo.

The Iseowo Team would keep making updates, be sure to refresh this page and checkout the listings frequently. Subscribers to our features updates will be kept in the loop via emails.

Services category

  1. Iseowo Automobile
  2. Iseowo Barbers
  3. Iseowo Bricklayers
  4. Iseowo Car Wash
  5. Iseowo Dry Cleaners
  6. Iseowo Electricians
  7. Iseowo Painters
  8. Iseowo Plumbers
  9. Iseowo Repairers
  10. Iseowo Vulcanizers


Productions category

  1. Iseowo Beauty accessories
  2. Iseowo Boutique
  3. Iseowo Carpenters
  4. Iseowo Fashion Designers
  5. Iseowo Hair Stylists
  6. Iseowo Potters
  7. Iseowo Printers
  8. Iseowo Shoe makers
  9. Iseowo Spare parts
  10. Iseowo Tie and dye


Food category

  1. Iseowo Bakers
  2. Iseowo Fruits
  3. Iseowo Pepper soup
  4. Iseowo Restaurant
  5. Iseowo Shawarma
  6. Iseowo Snacks
  7. Iseowo Suya


Art and entertainment category

  1. Iseowo Artist
  2. Iseowo Event planner
  3. Iseowo Graphics designer
  4. Iseowo Makeup artist
  5. Iseowo MC
  6. Iseowo Musician
  7. Iseowo Photography
  8. Iseowo Videography
  9. Iseowo Web designer


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